Sunday 30 March 2014

Look upstairs agideas - Melbourne 2014

Image Courtesy of agideas

I went to this design event in 2010. That year it was called "Design is difference" and it was celebrating 20years of agideas. Each year since 1991 this event has reeled in the creative thinkers around world to one place coming from every design discipline covering 2D, 3D and the digital arena.

I remember at that point I was at RMIT, Melbourne, studying Furniture Design. I was in first year. Well actually I should correct that I was in first year again. As the previous year (First year out of high school) I was studying Furniture Design at Box Hill Tafe, Melbourne. And we were told rumours that the course was not to go ahead the next year as low numbers meant it was not be viable for the institution to continue the course. But we were assured that it would continue. The next year 2010, I was ready for second year and got to Tafe early but all the doors were locked. No one was around and it was like a ghost town. I went to the office and I asked the lady at the desk why everything was closed. A man then came out and said "I'm sorry to say, but your course will not be continuing this year". 

When I look back on this I don't actually care too much that I lost a year, because I gained so much more knowledge and experience. But the fact that a institution could do that was disgusting. I managed to get my years fees back but I could have taken them to court to get a years wage off them. To me there was no point dragging it on, I needed to get on with my life.

So I continued Furniture Design at RMIT. And then graduated in 2011. I was then accepted into Industrial Design at Monash University, the prime goal. It took 3years to get there but it was worth it in the end. I'm now in 3rd year Industrial Design and loving every minute of it!

Back to agideas, this event was mind-blowing. It showed me that I could aspire to these creatives and one day be just as good as them. That solving problems in humanity via design is how us humans will progress in the future to evolve and adapt to problems that majority of the time we create in the first place. 

Sometimes the solution is the problem

It is our job as designers to create solutions that serve their purpose. I strive to do this everyday.

The most important part of this post is who is speaking at the 3 day event? I've listed the amazing designers below. You can go to the agideas website and each designer has a profile.

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