Wednesday 13 November 2013

Maya - Objects in Space Project

So its been a very testing semester at university, but I managed to pull through. As I haven't done any posts in a while I thought I would share with you my 3D modelling project. 

The aim of the brief was to create a scene which we had to construct in real life with real objects. In doing this we can study how light reflects and reacts with certain materials. And also study the forms and shapes that make up each object.

Below is the final renders for the project. And then following are some pictures from the photo shoot that I did initially to get an idea for the scene. Enjoy!

After countless hours using Maya, I am going to say its a very good program. But at the same time I feel it has so many settings and adjustments that it just takes forever to get something right. 

Now that you can see the real deal. You can easily tell the difference. There are aspects of the scene that aren't perfect but I am pretty happy with what I produced.

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