Sunday 2 June 2013


Our influences and inspiration for the Lumen light were mainly from nature. The general form of Lumen was inspired by the seed husk of a Monstera deliciosa, which is a plant that we found growing in Matthew’s back yard. Apart from exploring forms from nature, we also wanted to explore how a pendant light can cast shadows.

From the inspiration of the seed husk, the idea that the ply could be a protective structure for the bulb translated into a segmented skeletal structure that evolved many times throughout the design process allowing light to pass through.

Materials used are 3mm Hoop Pine Plywood. Milk paint was used for the finish. It is non-toxic and contains no petrochemicals or VOC'S. The milk paint has a combination of lime, milk protein, clays and earth pigments. 

Lumen with Federal blue Milk Paint

Lumen can be hung or placed on the ground.

Some real cool shadows!

Lumen components laser cut

Matt painting the parts!

This is a production by myself Rowan Turnham and Matthew Harding.

If you want more information on milkpaint then check out their website!

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