Friday 6 July 2012

The work of Adam Lynch

Adams work uses the technology to cut, router & drill his products components. The mighty machine that does this is the CNC (Computer Numerical Control). Just one catch though, somebody has to program the design in.....Thankgod the machines of today are more user friendly. 

The machines allow for pin point accuracy, waste reduction, repetition without difference, multiple tool set up, 3 axis setup or even 5 axis! The list goes on and on depending on the type of CNC.

 His designs use joints that are strong and efficient in holding the structure together. His exploration in using different materials and joining methods aided with not using glue combines for a beautifully balanced range of products.

I just want to sit on these!

These colourful stools would go well in a cafe...

Bamboo ply range

Check out LAB DE STU -

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