Wednesday 5 October 2011

Fringe Furniture Festival

This years Fringe Furniture has a theme

Dancing in the Dark is a song about frustration. It’s a song about wanting something, but not knowing what that something is. It’s about wanting something so much that it consumes you; it fills you up with so much energy and anxiety that you feel like you’re going to explode. And what do you do with all that potency and potential? What do you do while you’re working out what you want?

Bruce suggests that you dance. In the dark. It’s a small solution to a big problem.
In 2011 Melbourne Fringe Furniture designers will show us their solutions, swing outs, breakaways and inside turns: tiny dance steps that lead us towards a smarter, greener, healthier, more sustainable and beautiful future.

When and Where

Thursday, 22 Sept - Saturday, 8th Oct 2011.

11am - 5pm (Wednesday - Sunday)

Industrial School, The Abbotsford Convent
1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford
Melbourne, Victoria.

Here are some photos from the Exhibition

The work looks well in place at the Industrial School!

Desko, one of the bigger pieces at Fringe 2011
WEFT 056      by James Hargraves

This light designed and made by James Hargraves is my favourite piece at the exhibition. The combination of individual shapes and compound waves sends me into a spiral. Just love it!

Check out his website at -

Top notch lighting & storage items!

Chris Shaws Maeva is a storage unit made from Sydney Blue Gum/ Bamboo matt. It is a neat and functional piece that has front doors that swivel on a 180degree pivot hinge imbedded in the cube construction.

Cracked up     by Ashley Allen

Ashley Allens lighting is a real unique play on old wine bottles which are also made from cork powder/LED globes. There are some interesting processes that make this product so unique.

Amalgamation    by Gordon Tait

Reclaimed MCG Light globes

Great use of the many globes that are cycled through the big light towers at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Cactus      by Russell Davidson

Layered up and shaped Victorian Ash expels a lot of different grain angles. The form is organically wavy, this one is a keeper. Its almost like it just wants to keep wiggling its way up to the ceiling.

Atlantic Sofa     by Greg Lawson

This sofa is downright radical! Made from bamboo board, natural latex & eco wool fabric. It is a sofa based on 2 main intricate shapes that all rely on one another to keep the sofa upright using the barely minimal contact to the floor. 

Tri    by Elizabeth Bowtell

This angular chair has the golden balance between sculptural and functional movement. Each shape can be individually moved either retreating back into its bigger triangle or serving as a visual aspect in the chair.

The Table    by Adam Lynch

Sleek and elegantly turned legs support the table top high above.

Kids Straw Stool    by Dale Hardiman

Made from wheat starch/glycerol/water/pea straw & grass seeds. I like the idea of using straw and glue to form shapes, its a material I've never seen used in furniture. This stool is a great replacement for those plastic stools you have.

Air    by Andre Hnatojko & Dale Hardiman

This lighting piece could almost float away. The PVC tubes create a transparent barrier around the light making it a very intriguing piece.

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